What Makes Uber a Special Company

UBER is also known as Uber Technologies Inc. What makes UBER a special company is its model of business. The company combines both innovative communication technology and transportation. The founders of this company, Travis Kalananick and Garrett Camp developed the Uber Mobile App, which they transformed into a community of today known as Uber drivers. Through this app, users can submit their trip request. The trip request reaches drivers who confirm the schedule and attend to the customer. This company was founded as UberCab in 2009 in San Francisco, California, but in May 2015, the company was present in 58 countries and approximately 300 cities globally.


What makes Uber a special company is its contribution to safe and affordable ride sharing in a unique way. Uberification is a common word among businesses and economic analysts who are trying to understand or copy this company’s business model, which has achieved a net worth of $62.5B within six years of operation. Uber is currently updating its carpooling feature with a competitive DNA strategy of combining private car rides and mobile app technology. The Uber model of business is sure to change the taxi and cab hiring business as its impact is already being felt by a sharp decrease in the taxi medallions revenue.

Intensive and strategic marketing has made this company successful and popular within cities and among drivers. The company has created extra income for anybody with a car and who has extra time to share a ride. More and unique benefits of Uber include reducing traffic in cities and sharing rides to even those who need to be picked up or dropped in the most remote areas. This company has revolutionized the transportation business with a new form of ride-sharing, benefiting both customers and car owners. UBER promises more safety and guaranteed service for its stakeholders.

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Promoting a Local Business on Facebook

Facebook is among the biggest social networks, so there’s no wonder many companies develop professional pages and set up advertising campaigns meant to bring them high quality leads to turn into paying customers. If you are a small business owner and your company is not on Facebook, you should reconsider your thinking right away, as you’re leaving money on the table.

The biggest advantage of promoting your local business on Facebook is that you can segment your audience to show your ads only to people belonging to your core target group. You can filter your audience by location, by gender, as well as by particular hobbies and passions. This makes Facebook campaigns very useful. If you do things the right way, your conversion rates are going to be nothing short of amazing.

The overall cost of Facebook advertising is another advantage of promoting your business on this social network. You can adjust your bids to match your budget and your profitability criteria. Moreover, you can pause and resume your campaigns as needed. Whenever you have a cash flow problem, you can just put your ads on hold and do your best to overcome this situation.

Last but not least, Facebook messages have a high potential of becoming viral. Producing viral content isn’t easy, but some professional copywriters can help you develop this kind of materials. Once you manage to reach the critical mass, you’re going to enjoy a huge traffic spike, which is going to enable you to capture a big number of leads within a very short time.

If you want to make the most out of your Facebook promotion, you should probably consider hiring a digital marketing or Social Media Marketing expert to help you develop your marketing campaigns.

How Illegal Downloading Can Land You In Jail

laptop-1283368_640Many people are seen downloading illegal content around the world. The stats are mind-boggling when a person starts to go through the numbers. Over 95% of all music that is downloaded in this day and age is illegal. Yes, this is the number that is out there. You could say everyone is doing it!

Does this mean it is a good thing?

No, it is not, and there shouldn’t be any doubt over whether or not a person can go to jail over this. You can and many people do.

Let’s take a look at this.

Five Years In Prison

For those who are found guilty of doing this, the jail term is set at a maximum of five years. There is also a fine set up that is going to come in at around $99,999. This depends on the case and its details.

However, this starts to highlight how illegal downloading is not as innocent as one might think and is a real issue that could send a person to jail and already has in many states around the nation for those who are wondering. It is a real problem.chain-link-690172_640

Those who are put in this situation are going to need a bail bond to get out of jail. This is where a good agency is going to come in handy because bail bonds are a must. If you aren’t sure how bail bonds work, the rate will be set at a certain amount based on what the judge feels is right, and then you will have to meet it.

A service will be able to help with this and make sure you arrive at court as you need to on the day of your trial.

Illegal downloading is not something anyone should be getting involved with, but it is a reality.

Don’t take my word for it: